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Moving to USVI

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Working with RE/MAX is a moving experience!

 Step 1.  Sercure 2 forms of ID ~ a certified copy of a birth certificate and a government issued photo identification (better known as a drivers license or passport, this applies to Canadian and United States citizens only) you will need one of the two to get to USVI and both to leave USVI back into the United States for customs. USVI is a port of entry into the United States which is why you need 2 forms of ID to return. Be sure not to lose your ID's while down here or you might be in for an extended stay .... which isn't all that bad.

Entering from a foreign Airport will require going through US customs and proof of citizenship as well.
Recommended forms of ID's are a Passport and Drivers License.

If you have any questions, you may call the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization office in St. Thomas at (340)774-4279.
 Step 2. Visit the Islands, make sure its something you can enjoy and be at peace with. The slower Island lifestyle is not for everyone, a wise man once told me .. you will either love it or hate it. Many people who have made the transition find there is a adjustment period that can take up to several months to feel comfortable and at home. Storms, power outages, spotty cell phone service, no water for short periods of time, electrical appliances blowing circuits, high cost of power and water, driving on the left side of the road, the lack of franchised get it now retailers, the feel of a foreign country at times are among the many challenges you will face and need to cope with on the Islands. Oh yes, I forgot to mention the waiting in lines for things like power, car registration, drivers licensing which can all add up to learning moments.
 Step 3. Step two didn't shake you off? OK good, now you need to consider where and how much you want to spend, as back in the states these two factors always go hand in hand ... and of course location, location, location. Obviously the closer to the beach the more the price goes up, size and age of the property will also play a key factor in pricing.
I suggest doing as much research on line as you can to get a feel of what your comfortable with. Make a check list of things that you would want, keeping in mind the bigger the list the higher the price tag. The more you look the more you will see how much of a varity of different styles of building and archeticture exsist on the Islands. From the ultra modern to historic homes can be found all over the Islands. Say good bye to the cookie-cutter neighborhoods of the suburbs and tall glass skyscapers of the urban jungles, thank god for that.
 Step 4. There are many things unique to the real estate market in USVI that you would never encounter back in the states such as cisisterns, generaters, roofing systems that trap all the rain water, even the construction codes. Which is all the more reason to seek out a RE/MAX agent to guild you through the process of purchasing you new home/property. We can help your next purchase goes as smoothly as possible. With so much to consider, wouldn't it be nice to have some peace of mind knowing the power of RE/MAX is on your side working to ensure you will be satisfied?
 Step 5. Willing to shed skin to make the move or bring it all with you, that is the big question once you made the decision to take the leap. Much will depend on if you buy a place fully furnished or not. I've gone through the process and let me tell you it isn't as easy you might think it would be. That old box of albums you forgot about with all your favorite music of which you basically haven't listened to since what ... college? Try parting with that classic car you've had stored for over 25 years, yep... your just begining to realize the up hill climb your about to confront. That sentimental hutch your grandma left you, the momentos you've collected over the years you once thought were priceless are now starting to look like a million little boat anchors you can't get rid of.
At some point, painfull as it may seem you will either donate, store them, drag them with you or have a massive garage sale and just be done with it. You need to consider cars too, sell and buy new when you get here or lug it with you. I can tell you it will cost around $3k per car to ship here, is it worth it?
When I started the process of looking into moving the entire house it became clear that it was going to cost $10 to $12k (roughly a four bedroom sized house) and that wasn't including vehicles. The method of moving was virtually the same regardless of which carrier did the job. It went something like this ... pack a shipping container left in the front yard, seal it up, then a trucking company hauls it to Jacksonville Florida unloaded-reloaded into another container, from there its shipped via boat to Puerto Rico unloaded-reloaded into another container and shipped to the USVI (St.Croix, St.Thomas or St.John) and then once agian trucked to your front door providing they can access your new home safely.
 Step 5. Selecting good movers a long with other usefull information will help make the move less stressful. Here are some tips and moving companies to start you on the journey ...
When packing boxes be sure to label them with the contents or you may find customs has inspected every box lable misc or not labeled at all. From what I've heard they arent the best re-packers.

Basic rate formula as of summer 2009 (of course prices will fluxate with fuel costs and different carriers)
Rate per cf: $3.82 per cf
Rate per lbs: $0.55 per lbs

David Knudsen
Moving Consultant
Budget Van Lines
800.611.6001 Ext. 713

ABF U-Pack Moving 
Moving in an ABF Trailer allows you the benefit of flexible pricing to meet your needs. You only pay for the space you use in our 28' x 8' x 9' commercial trailer. Need less space? No problem. Just subtract $182 per foot from your 15' quote, subject to a 5' minimum. Need more? Just add $182 per foot, subject to a $4989 maximum. ABF also offers a loading ramp for your convenience. Storage is available for $395 per trailer for each 30-day period.
P.O. Box 10048
3801 Old Greenwood Road
Fort Smith, AR 72917-0048
FAX: 479-494-6925

Lee Fleming - Lead Expeditor
Office Phone  :   340-719-8300
Mobile Phone :  340-277-4504

Haydn B. Fleming
Flemings' Transport Co., Inc
PO Box 4310
St. Croix
, USVI  00851
Tel:  340-778-9160
Cel: 340-277-0431
email:  berry@flemingstransport.com


These are just a few of the shipping companies I came across with great rates, you could pay more and not even touch a box but do your homework, be sure you get everything in writting before you decide on a shipper. Also check into the US Postal Service for shipping smaller items like computers, I believe its about $35 to $40 to ship a standard size computer tower and flat screen monitor.
You may also want to consider insuring your valuables as well.

 Step 6. Find the home thats right for you, if you didn't know many of the homes for sale are also for rent on a short term basis, try renting it for a week if you can first. It could be a good way to know for sure if its the place you want to live in before you make the commitment. If its a condo you could rent one in the same complex if the one your considering isn't renting.
 Step 7. The banks/morgage companies are different then the stateside ones you may be use to which is all the more reason to let RE/MAX guide you through the purchasing process. We work with these lenders on a daily basis, let our working association with these lenders be a benefit to you. There is also a need for lawyers to conduct property transactions here on the Island, something that's not normally done in the states, again we can help you with that.
 Step 8. Call me and lets begin working together on that dream of yours, haven't you waited long enough? Put me and the power of RE/MAX to work for you. I can't wait to help you find that special property and to show you how great it is living here, when your ready, I'm ready! Call me today at xxx-xxx-xxxx